Help us plant trees in the area of Colorado burned by the Cameron Peak fires

We currently have access to an 8 acre plot of land where the landowner wishes to replant trees native to the area. With your help we can replant part of the Front Range of Colorado with fast growing trees (cottonwood, catalpa, silver maple, blue spruce, and white oak), slow growing trees (hawthorn, piñon pine, and hackberry), and fruit bearing trees (apples, pears, apricots, sweet and tart cherries, peaches, nectarines, and plums).

A few things to understand about the Zeemz Agroforestry program:

  1. Real trees will be purchased from the Arbor Day Foundation and shipped directly to the land we plan on reforesting.

  2. Any one who participates in the Zeemz Agroforestry program will receive a Certificate of Ownership for a Small Commercial Lot in the Zeemz Game (release date TBD). Owners of the Small Commercial Lots will receive cyber lands (10 combined zAcres of ZMZB and ZMZLR) prepopulated with the cyber trees equivalent to their purchase.

  3. Where does your purchase money go?

  • $69.99 + S/H will go to Arbor Day Foundation for 50 Pack of Trees.

  • ~$20 will go into the Zeemz Agroforestry Fund for use in purchasing materials needed for reforesting (soil, tree skirts, gloves, shovels, etc).

  • $5 will go to the Zeemz Game Development team for program development.


Fast Growing Trees

Slow Growing Trees

Fruit Bearing Trees