Zeemz Agroforestry Program

ZAP #1: Reforestry

Help us reforest the area of Colorado burned by the Cameron Peak wildfires

We have access to a large area of land where the landowners wish to replant trees native to the area. With your help we can repopulate part of the Front Range of Colorado with fast growing trees (cottonwood, catalpa, silver maple, blue spruce, and white oak), slow growing trees (hawthorn, piñon pine, and hackberry), and fruit bearing trees (apples, pears, apricots, sweet and tart cherries, peaches, nectarines, and plums). 

Want to replant another area? Contact us to get your forest fire devastated area on the books for replanting.

Fast Growing Trees

Black Hills Spruce - 50 Pack (Picea glauca var. dens)

Blue Spruce - 50 Pack
(Picea pugens)

Bur Oak - 50 Pack
(Quercus macrocarpa)

Northern Red Oak - 50 Pack
(Quercus rubra)

Pin Oak - 50 Pack
(Quercus palustris)

Scarlet Oak - 50 Pack
(Quercus Coccinea)



White Dogwood - 50 Pack (Cornus Florida)

White Fir - 50 Pack
(Abies Concolor)

River Birch - 50 Pack
(Betula Nigra)

Redbud - 50 Pack
(Cercis Canadensis)

Tuliptree - 50 Pack
(Liriodendron Tulipfera)

Syrup Trees

Eastern White Pine - 50 Pack
(Pinus Strobus)

Red Maple - 50 Pack
(Acer Rubrum)

Silver Maple - 50 Pack
(Acer Saccharinum)

Sugar Maple - 50 Pack
(Acer Saccharum)

Slow Growing Trees


Piñon pine


Fruit Bearing Trees

Red Apple

Green Apple

Yellow Apple



About the Zeemz Agroforestry Program

A few things to understand about the Zeemz Agroforestry program:


Fast Growing Trees