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Welcome to your Gear Inventory

This is where you can find all of your collected Adventure Items, as well as your currently equipped items. Equip higher quality gear to level up and get even better Adventure Items.

Currently Equipped Items

Headgear: Rumpled Fedora 

Sheild/Defense: Shiney Car Door

Talisman: Seashell

Large Weapon: Large Wood Stick

Gloves: Goaley Gloves

Boot Weapon: Butter Knife

Shoes: Yellow Rubber Boots

Defense Score: 

Attack Strength:

Click and drag items to the EQUIP and UNEQUIP buttons below.

Gear in Storage:

Bent Pipe

It may be a bit bent out of shape from prying it loose, but this length of pipe could serve you well.

Huge Rock

Oh look, a rock! Me warrior. Me strong enough to take. I bash in your head!

Mystery Bottle

The label is long since worn off, I wonder what´s inside? At least it can be broken to make a great shank.

Items Not Yet Found:

Large Stick

It´s not the prettiest of weapons, but at least it will keep me safe for now. I can sharpen the end...

Rumpled Fedora

Geeze! This hat has seen better days. You can see the sun through it! It´ll keep the sun off though.

Rubber Boots

Shiny, yellow silicone to keeps me toesies warm and dry on land. I might stand out a bit thought...

Garden Gloves

I don´t think we´re going to be doing much gardening, but these might be good climbing up all those darn sea cliffs.

Butter Knife

Not very sharp, but that can be fixed right up. Look it fits right down into my boot.


I can string these seashells together to make a necklace talisman. Against what? I don´t know, we´ll find out.