Pandemic Patch

Zeemz is participating in the fight against Coronavirus. We're working with talented people from around the world to develop Pandemic Patch, an augmented reality, blockchain game that doubles as a diagnostic tool to reduce hospital congestion. 

Personal privacy and data ownership are at the heart of our design. Pandemic Patch will not send your data without permission. If you grant permission, we'll only send your anonymized data to the central database run by the crew behind, they're a group of doctors inputting real time data from their front line experiences with CoVID-19. They're asking for help collecting data to stop the spread. 

Zeemz: Pandemic Patch is our answer to their call. 

Join the Zeemz Army & fight Coronavirus. 

Join the fight! 

Come to our Discord channel to learn more.

THANKS for your interest in Pandemic Patch. This project is currently on hold while we develop the Zeemz Quest Module. For more information on how to get involved, check out our Community page.