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Underwater Lagoon


Level 0

Send your Zeemz on adventures to get useful items!


Levels 1-3

You never know what you will find...

Port Askance: Dockside

Levels 2-4

You can collect food and water in every Adventure Level

Port Askance: Merchants´Quarter

Levels 3-5

Earn in-game tokens to buy upgrades and Emergency Supplies

Divers City: Cove

Levels 4-6

Did you know? You can sell your loot in the Market as well.

Divers City: Up Town

Levels 5-7

Equip clothing and weapons to make your Zeemz stronger!

Barrowport: Portside

Levels 6-8

Zeemz with Specialty Skills are more valuable in the Market.

Barrowport: Neighborhood

Levels 7-9

Stick to your corresponding Zeemz level to get the best loot, low level loot isn´t useful for your high level Zeemz.

Daily Faucet

'Webserial Adventure' Multifaucet

Faucet #1: Quicksand 

Daily Faucet & In-Game Hazard

Danger lurks. Learn how to navigate life hazards. Earn ZeemzXP, zSKLZ, and zGELD in Hazards & Drops while you play the Adventure Levels. Or, click ENTER to go directly to the Multifaucet.