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Terms of Service

Zeemz: The Versipisces Secret (TM), created by Monique Finley and Jennifer Landry, is part of the  Pu´Shing Bhu´Tons Universe (TM). 

Use of this website is subject to the legal restrictions found within your local area. We don't live there, you do. 

More complicated Terms of Service, with legalese and legal references, coming soon. 


We use Google products, including Google Analytics. We have no idea what Google actually does with the data. They swear that they aggregate anonymous data, but do we believe them?


1. Zeemz uses affiliate and referral links to support the project. When you use our links, you help support our project with your purchases.

2. We don't keep your credit card information, that resides with the 3rd party processor that the affiliate uses. Please see our list of current affiliates for access to our partners' websites.