Zeemz Team

The Zeemz Team is a dedicated group of international volunteers, who have come together to create Zeemz: Pandemic Patch, an augmented reality, blockchain game that doubles as a diagnostic tool to help frontline physicians in the fight against coronavirus.

Why spend hours in a hospital waiting room, when you could use your smart phone to send in the data that the doctor needs? Together, we can reduce hospital congestion.

Founders & Creative Engineers

Monique Finley

Monique reads the docs, so you don't have to.

Jennifer Landry

Jennifer spots the pixels, so you don't have to.

Research & Development

Sarah Dyson, Ph.D.

She lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas, home of the largest mosquitoes in the state, where she is an adjunct instructor at East Arkansas Community College and Corporate faculty at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania. Her research investigates how game play and media affect viewer identity, attitudes, and behaviors. Grounded in theories of psychology and motivation, my research focuses on developing a systematic understanding of how individuals transfer skill from videogame play to real life events such as workplace behaviors and relationships. These concepts have guided my academic pursuits and resulted in multiple lines of research.

Parents Guide to Gaming is a blog dedicated to parents and family members to help create health gaming habits. This blog discusses the benefits and harmful effects that gaming, and device usage has on kids. Writing and illustrating children’s books, which sharpens cyberspace skills, is a passion of hers. These are designed to help both parents and kids better understand the benefits and harmful effects of online activities and videogame play.

Random fact: I enjoy holding plates in the air!


Rachel J. Salomonsen

Dr. Rachel Jean- Baptiste founded Oxford Epi in 2011 after a successful career in international health where she led programs and research in more than 14 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, North and Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. She has unique set of skills that include strong quantitative research and analysis and business process improvement, and has applied these for more than 15 years with outstanding results in improving health services for the management of infectious and chronic diseases.

She started her career in public health and was the Epidemiologist at a state level (Ohio) Quality Improvement Organization, where she designed and led activities to improve care processes at health systems across the state. She later became Director of Science at a national organization charged with analyzing data on cancers for the US. She left local public health to continue her career in international health, and has since served in a number of senior management roles including country director for large scale programs in Uganda and Rwanda, Health Team Leader for USAID, and senior technical adviser for multi-country programs and research for HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, Maternal, newborn and child health, and chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases.

She served as guest lecturer at the University of Oxford Global Health Program, and provided consulting services to Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Dr Jean-Baptiste is motivated by helping people thrive in their environment, and promotes the responsible use of technology and innovation to make this happen.

Random Fact:


Alec Balasescu, Ph.D.

He is an Anthropologist by training, or as some would say a Philosopher with data. He approaches the world, and his work, through the lenses of this science. He finished his Ph.D. at UC Irvine, in 2004, and has been active in both public and private domains in various capacities, while continuing to teach in different university settings, both online and in class.

His experience spans 6 different countries on three continents in which he has lived and worked in the past 23 years, since leaving his native Romania.

His research, writing, and practice is centered on understanding of human actions in context, and in developing strategies of change based on this - where context is understood to be the result of dynamic interactions between culture, technology, economy, religion, gender and sexuality, and institutional practices.

Random Fact: Yes, I write fiction. I find it gives an alternative way to explore and express ideas in which I am interested.



Contributors & Hackers


Collaborations & Integrations

AAVE Protocol



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Flow Blockchain

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Watson AI Discovery

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