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What is Zeemz?

Zeemz: The Versipisces Secret is an Living-RPG. 

As a multi-blockchain augmented reality with a digital trading card game, Zeemz is based-off the short story, "Poseidon Knows," written by Monique Finley. The short story takes place a few hundred years before the time of the novel, Terra Damnata: Book 1 of the Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons series.

Huh? In Other Words...

Zeemz: The Versipisces Secret is blockchain game, it's game engine (aka "Zeemz Quest Module") also runs an interactive novel world called, "The Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons 'Verse."

Freedom of true asset control

We've written Zeemz in Solidity for transparent use of Ethereum smart contracts (ERC-20, ERC-721, & ERC-1155 compliance) and we're integrating with FLOW for lightning fast NFT transactions. Gamers' ownership, as in complete token control, is an essential part of the design. We don't know what you'll build, buy, collect, drop, forage, forge, find, hold, make, save, sell, trade, or transmutate while playing Zeemz. If you and your sprite army have made it, then it belongs to you. If you exchange it (auction, markets (NPC or P2P)), then it belongs to someone else. If you drop it, then it sits abandoned at those coordinates until someone picks it up (FYI: littering is illegal in most jurisdictions). 

It takes work to Augment the 'Verse

 We've already created five Ethereum tokens (PBTD, PBIF, PBAE, ZMZB, ZMZLR) as pre-alpha keys to Zeemz Portals. Ownership of at least one of the token types is required to enter the Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons 'Verse. Once the Zeemz Portal opens, the augmented reality begins. Navigate the Zeemz adventure levels, watch Zeemz curated videos, buy/breed/sell/trade your Zeemz, and upgrade your Zeemz skillz while you explore the 'Verse. You will learn real world skills while you complete the levels. You can earn real money by strategic play, through auctions, or in markets. 

World's First Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Webserial Multi-Faucet

When a drop is triggered through player action, one of our faucets will open. We're creating 100 drop levels in the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style that are didactic mini-games meant to introduce the gamer to a real world danger, pitfall, windfall, or other random experience. (Our first faucet teaches about quicksand.) Once the gamer makes a decision, the results (including drops, rewards, chests, and zGeld) are returned. Increase your Emergency Response Skillz through regular play. Drop levels introduce real world problems, multiple decisions, and best solutions. 

Meet the Team

The Zeemz Development Team is currently a women-led power duo:

Monique Finley

Co-Founder / Developer

Jennifer Landry

Co-Founder / Designer