Be one of the first to play, learn, and earn on Zeemz.


Create your Zeemz and send them on adventures to level them up and find rare items.


Learn real world skills as you keep your new creations alive in a hostile outside world.


Earn Zeemz experience, showcase your skill certificates, then trade your crypto tokens and adventure loot at the market.

Experiment in your Laboratory to create new Zeemz from your existing Ethereum tokens

Use Ethereum tokens in your MetaMask (such as your CryptoKitties) to extract DNA, combine it with your Zeemz DNA and grow new Zeemz to use in game or to trade at market. Each new Zeemz is listed on the Ethereum blockchain, along with any items they collect through adventures.

Send your new Zeemz characters on Adventures

Each new Zeemz must start at the bottom and train it´s way up to the top! Each adventure level has a location corresponding to the Pu´Shing Bhu´Tons ´Verse, an interactive novel-verse. Explore your new reality while learning real world skills in each location.

Level up your Zeemz to make them more collectible

Zeemz characters have the ability to gain skills and loot from their experiences in the adventure levels. The Zeemz and it's equipped items (ERC-721 compatible tokens) are fully owned by the Player (a.k.a. Ethereum account holder). Additionally, the Player can build their character's skill sets while earning real world Certificates of Accomplishment. 

Due to the high Ethereum gas costs, we're also building part of the game on Flow blockchain. 


Earn drops and coins from Adventures that can be traded on the Market or used in the Game Universe

Each time a Zeemz is sent on an adventure there is a chance of returning with rare loot, such as the Majestic Phoenix Rose or the Bardic Raven. Whether or not your Zeemz uncovers rare loot, they will almost always return with Food, Clothing, and zGeld that can be spent on upgrades or Emergency Stores.

Learn real life skills from Adventures as you keep your Zeemz character out of trouble

Each new location that your Zeemz explores will have a real life skill that must be mastered before moving to another level. These Skills Tests will teach you how to survive in a hostile new world. Skills are varied and depend on your choice of actions in adventure rounds. As your Zeemz gains knowledge you can choose specialty paths to develop, such as: Self-Sufficiency into Homesteading, Basic Electrics into Magician, and Stealth into Ninja.

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